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 Stock-assorted (3 bunches) 
 $39.00 $35.00/3 bunches

You will receive 3 bunches that is 30 stems of 3 different colors of California grown Stock.Stock has a nice fragrance.

Grown in California
 Protea, Pincushion-orange 
 $5.75 $4.50/Per stem

Tropical flowers very easy to take care of..

Grown in California
 Hypericum-assorted colors (3 bunches) 
 $42.00 $39.00/30 stems

You will receive 30 stems of Hypericum in three different colors in this assortment..

 Orchid Cymbidium Sprays, large-light green 
 $35.00 $28.00/Per stem

Natural  green color can vary a little depending on the time of year and where it is grown.At least 8 blossoms or more on a stem.

Grown in California
 Sweet Peas-assorted (3 bunches) 
 $39.50 $35.00/Grower bunch

You will receive 3 growers bunches of Sweet Peas in three different colors in this assortment.There are about 20 stems in a bunch.

Grown in California
 Tulips, Greenhouse-assorted colors 
 $129.00 $119.00/100 stems

If you Love Tulips.

Grown in the USA
 Spray Mums-assorted colors 
 $21.50 $14.50/15 stems

In this assortment you will receive 15 stems of Spray Mums in three different colors..

Grown in California
 Lily Oriental 3/5 bloom-Assorted  Varieties 
 $89.00 $79.95/30 stems

We like to call these the "Oriental Fantasy" mix.You will receive a fabulous assortment of 3 different varieties of oriental lilies totaling 30 stems.

Grown in California
 Carnations-assorted colors 
 $49.50 $39.00/50 stems

You will receive 50 stems of Carnations in two different colors in this assortment..

Displaying 1 to 9 of 9 listings Page  1 
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