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Certified American Grown Flowers

What does it actually mean?

You’ve heard all about shopping small and shopping local, but do you know where your “local” flowers come from? Here at Fabulous Florals, we are proud to offer Certified American Grown Flowers. Certified American Grown isn’t just a logo that can be slapped on various flower boxes, but it represents the only third party guarantee in the floral industry that the bouquets and bunches you purchase from American growers were actually homegrown.

American Grown Flowers Month

July happens to be American Grown Flowers Month, and we couldn’t be happier to get a chance to feature this on Why was Certified American Grown launched in 2015, though? Because while consumers spend $27 billion per year on floral products and would prefer to buy “locally grown” flowers, it was found that only a very small percentage of these flower sales were attributed to flowers grown right here in the United States. As puts it, “With a daily economic impact of almost $42 million, and supporting hundreds of farmers, thousands of small businesses, and tens of thousands of jobs in the United States, the cut flower and foliage sector is an important part of U.S. agriculture. Imagine the positive impact if more flowers and foliage sold were homegrown!”

How can you help?

Many consumers ask how they can be guaranteed that they are buying Certified American Grown Flowers, and the truth is, the only guarantee is found in the Certified American Grown seal. American Grown Flowers has worked with an independent verification agency to develop a third-party system of source verification in the industry to guarantee that certain flowers were grown on flower farms in the United States. So, what’s the best way to ensure you are getting Certified American Grown flowers into your home for all of your floral needs? First, shop at a direct-to-consumer wholesaler that supplies Certified American Grown product like Fabulous Florals, or ask your local flower shop if they carry any Certified American Grown product. Next, look for the red, white, and blue seal. Finally, buy! The next time you want to decorate the house or supply your next DIY event, be sure to choose American Grown to support American farmers, their families, and communities. On websites like ours, you can simply type “Certified American Grown” in the search bar to find what you need.

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