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DIY Flower Tools


  • Garden Gloves – Provide protection when handling thorny stems,
    chicken wire, or sharp tools. Leather or suede is preferable.
  • Ties – Include floral wire, twine, and small rubber bands,
    which are used for bundling stems or attaching them to stakes.
  • Tape – Can be floral tape or household cellophane tape. Use it to create a grid across the opening of a container to support stems.
  • Frogs – Anchor stems in containers too shallow or wide to give support. Made from metal, glass, ceramic, and other materials.
  • Floral Foam -Water-absorbent anchor for stems and stakes.
  • Japanese Garden Shears – For clipping tougher roses, thick stemmed flowers, branches & woody growth.
  • Knife – Any paring knife, penknife, or utility blade sharp enough to cut stems cleanly (dull blades crush plant fibers, impeding water uptake); also useful for trimming and carving floral foam.
  • Floral Scissors – Trims stems, excess foliage, and spent blooms.
  • Stem Stripper – Removes thorns and leaves on stems.
  • Flower Picks – Wooden skewers with pointed ends (for anchoring in floral foam) and wires (for attaching fruits, berries, pinecones, and ornaments). Also used as short stakes for weak stems.
  • Water Picks – Plastic water vials that keep flowers fresh; bases taper for easy insertion into floral foam or gaps in baskets.
  • Floral Adhesive – Secures frogs inside vessels.
  • Flower Food – Water-soluble nourishment and preservative.coming-soon-supplies
  • Chicken Wire – Can be shaped into floral-frog-like structures for use in large or irregularly shaped containers.
  • Buckets – large plastic buckets to store your flowers in.
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