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DIY Cornucopia For DIY Fall Centerpieces

Easy DIY Fall Centerpieces You’ll Love

DIY Cornucopia for DIY Fall Centerpieces

Fall & Thanksgiving offer you the opportunity to make a flower arrangement in a container that is unique to the season & the holiday, a cornucopia. The word comes from the Latin words cornus (horn) and copia (supply, abundance) so it is literally a “horn of plenty” and should be filled to overflowing with foliage, flowers, and/or fruits and vegetables. The key to making a pleasing arrangement in a cornucopia is capturing the look and feel of abundance.

Take a look at one of our favorite DIY Fall Centerpieces that uses mostly organic materials in its simple yet beautiful design.

Pumpkins as DIY Fall Centerpieces

This is a very easy DIY, with such an amazing decorative effect! I was able to put this together in under a half hour, which is so great when you have a lot of other things to do! To make things even easier, buy your flowers online at Fabulous Florals.

Fresh pumpkins
Sharp serrated Knife
Flowers, berries, greenery
Scissors or flower shears
Water-filled vase


  1. Buy your flowers conveniently online at Fabulous Florals.
  2. Carve and clean out one of your pumpkins.
    DIY Fall Centerpiece carved pumpkin
  3. Cut the flower stems down far enough to cover the opening of the pumpkin.
  4. Place a water filled vase inside the pumpkin.
    DIY Fall Centerpiece vase with flowers
  5. And arrange your flowers!

You can put this arrangement together in a day or even 3 days ahead of an event, as the pumpkin, in my experience, does not deteriorate very fast at all! As long as you are keeping the arrangement indoors, it should stay looking fabulous for quite some time! These should last for at least a week if you change the water every 3 days.

Here’s another idea of an easy DIY Cornucopia you can place in your home as a Fall Centerpiece.

DIY Cornucopias as Fall Centerpieces

Floral foam
Wicker Cornucopia basket
Flowers, berries, and greenery


  1. Buy your flowers online at Fabulous Florals.
  2. Cut flower stems down to fit your wicker basket.
  3. Using the floral foam, arrange your flowers, berries, and greenery.
  4. Display your beautiful DIY Cornucopia!

This is the perfect time of year to experiment with a DIY Fall Centerpiece project. The season of abundance offers plenty of flowers and foliage to fill any crafter’s imagination.

For more DIY ideas, check out our blog!

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