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White Anemones (Dark Centers)


White Anemones are a cool weather flower and available during winter, spring from certified american flower growers and early fall imported from Europe and Chili. The white petals with the dark center are popular and are often referred to as “panda” anemones. Upon arrival, check that the petals are not damaged. Remove any foliage that is turning and make sure there is no foliage in the water. Use clean vases or buckets and cut the stems about one inch at an angle. You can let the flowers acclimate in a well ventilated room with no direct heat or sunlight. Keep flowers away from ethylene gas, which is produced by fruits and vegetables such as bananas and apples. Change water daily. The vase life should be about a week depending on the care and handling. They don’t do well in hot summer weather. The stems are about 20″ tall and there are 10 stems per bunch.

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