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Blushing Bride-white


Blushing Bride  white is a very popular wedding flower. Serruria Florida is commonly known as Blushing Bride and a flowering plant in the Protea family available in off while or pink.  They are native to South Africa and they are a  part of the Protea family. We offer California grown and when out of season locally we import this beauty from Australia and South Africa. The flowers have pointed petals that range from a white-ivory to pale green to pale pink. They open to reveal a blush center and that’s how it got the name Blushing Bride. Blushing Bride is used in bridal bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and ceremonial decor. There are 5 stems in a bunch and each stem has multiple flowers. The stem length is approx. 12-15 inches and it is quite hardy. Please reserve with some advance notice because we don’t always keep it in stock.

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