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Bright Bouquet Flower Package


Our wedding bouquet packages are designed to give you an idea of which type of flowers to combine. You can create your own custom bouquet by selecting the number of bunches of each flower you prefer.


Red Darcey Garden Roses

CA GrownThis intriguing David Austin® garden rose truly transforms as the blooms age. Rich crimson buds gradually open to reveal many layers of fluffy raspberry red rosettes with deep velvety undertones. As the rose ages, the blooms develop luscious purple tones, with a light fruity fragrance. The long vase life of Darcey™ makes it a great flower for everyday design, as well as an extraordinary focal point for events and weddings. The jewel tone color and classic shape of Darcey™ bring a wonderful richness to any arrangement.

Hot Pink Freesia

Freesias are available year-round in many different colors. There are single and double-flowering freesias. Many have a pleasant light fragrance. The stem length is around 45cm. We offer California grown and Holland grown freesias. This beautiful fragile looking flower looks great in any bouquet. All our freesias come in 10 stem bunches. If you have a special request for certain color please allow some advance notice. It is best to have them arrive a few days before your event so they can acclimate in a well ventilated area with in direct sun. When flowers arrive, cut the stems about one inch at a 45 degree angle to maximize water uptake.


Hot Pink Tecate Ranunculus

Ranunculus are an excellent cut-flower and are long lasting in vase arrangements and bouquets the flowers are considered delicate. Ranunculus are cool climate crop. Available almost year-round because they are grown around the world. In California, the growing and harvest season is from December until May/June. Ranunculus have a stem length of approximately 12-15". When fully open, the flowers are 2-3" in diameter. The bunch grade is 10 stems and they have no fragrance.


Orange Tropical Amazon Roses

The Tropical Amazon orange rose is a true orange rose which will add a vibrant and radiant pop of color to any arrangement! The bloom opens into a beautiful, classic rose shape that works well in both bridal bouquets, event centerpieces, and every day arrangements. Super quality and cut to order since these are locally grown. They have an excellent vase life if proper care and handling methods are applied. There are 25 stems in a bunch and the length is 55-60cm with nice fresh lush green foliage. This beautiful rose is available year-round.

Yellow Craspedia (Billy Balls)

Craspedia are also known as Billy Balls. They have small stems with a flower head that is approximately 1" in diameter. We have California grown craspedia, and when they are not available locally, we import them. They have no foliage and stem length is 25-30" tall. They give any arrangement a nice pop of color. Available year-round.

Pink Hypericum

Hypericum, also known as St. John's wort, has stems that are woody and long lasting. Hypericum is a perennial and loaded with pink berries. The branches are typically clustered the leaves that are narrow and yellow-green in color. The stems are around 25-30" tall. Bunches are 10 stems. Most colors are available year-round.

Succulents, small 2 - 2.5"

Our small succulents are sold as single 2-2.5" plants. Grown locally in California. Please include your color preference: light green, dark green, or grey.

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This wholesale flowers starter package includes one bunch of each flower.

Add additional bunches to customize your order. Our packages make it fun and easy to style beautiful flowers for your wedding- while buying only what you need- by the bunch!

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No high minimum orders! Why buy a whole box when we sell our beautiful wholesale flowers by the bunch? Buy what you need when you need it! We ship conveniently, overnight to your door,

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