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Bright Wedding Flower Package



Hot Pink Crazy Eye Garden Roses


Orange Romantica Garden Roses

CA GrownOrange Romantica garden roses are a citrus orange rose that is bright and is sure to turn heads! They have a high petal count and the flower heads are small and round. Sold in 12 stem bunches and are grown in California.

Blue Antique Hydrangea

Blue hydrangeas are graded 5 stems per bunch. The flowers are large. The actual coloring may slightly vary from the picture due to time of the season. Hydrangeas love water and high humidity and sometimes the can look wilted and that is because they are not taking up water. You can take the entire stem and put them upside down in a bucket of clean water overnight. The flower will come back. We do not recommend using hydrangeas in floral foam arrangements, they do much better when they have a direct source of water. Care and handling tips: Always use a clean vase or bucket when they arrive cut the stems at the base at least one inch on an angle. Use the flower food in clean water. Refresh the water every other day and wash the vase. Keep hydrangeas in a cool, well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight. Keep them away from any sources of ethylene gas (fruits and vegetables), as this makes fresh flowers mature faster. They can last 10 days or more!

Hot Pink Rose Petals

We custom make to order fresh hot pink rose petal bags. We use our premium fresh rose varieties with a heavy petal-count. We carefully hand make the rose petal bags at our facility in California. Rose petals add the perfect finishing touch to anniversaries, wedding décor, and classic bride and groom send-offs. A popular item for the DIY floral designers. All of our rose petals are sustainably grown and available in a wide variety of colors to add elegance and romance to any occasion. Please indicate in your order which shade of pink petals you would like. To ensure freshness, it's best to have the petals arrive on a Thursday for a weekend event and keep the bag in a refrigerator.
Our rose petals bags contain at least 6000 petals per bag.

Hot Pink Stock

Stock is a fragrant flower available year-round and is locally grown. Available in many different colors. Frequently used in wedding bouquets and everyday vase arrangements and a bunch of stock makes a nice gift. It has a sturdy stem and does well in cooler temperatures. The best quality stock in the world is grown locally along the California coast where the temperatures are cool year-round. During excessive summer heat production goes down. The stems are 20-28" tall and there are 10 stems per bunch. Upon arrival, cut stems on an angle, and use clean containers. Keep flowers in a well ventilated room with no direct heat or sunlight. Have them arrive on a Thursday for a Saturday event.


Yellow Cottage Yarrow

Cottage yarrow is available in many different colors. Yellow cottage yarrow is a beautiful filler flower with lots of texture and color. The flowers are tiny and clustered together and are scented with a fresh sweet smell. Our locally grown cottage yarrow has 10 stems in a bunch stems are approximately 15-20" tall available April through summer and fall. Please order in advance during the busy wedding season April through October.

Italian Ruscus

Italian ruscus has a smaller, more feather-shaped leaf than the Israeli variety, while still offering a tall, straight stem with a consistent green color. These are available year-round and the number of stems in a bunch varies, but is usually around 4-7 stems. Length is 25-30".

Seeded Eucalyptus

Locally California grown seeded eucalyptus has a bunch with 5 or more stems (depending on their size). During April through June, the seeds are what they call cupped and look slightly different and availability can be limited during this time . Leaves are circular, 1-2" in diameter, and are clasping and closely spaced on the stems. Stems are woody, and are 12-18" in length. Plant is a broadleaf evergreen tree, the leaves have an aromatic, medicinal, or lemon-like fragrance. They are available year-round. Remove bottom leaves if present, recut stems and place into water with the provided fresh flower food.

Garland by the foot (specify)

Please note: The price is per foot but we have a 6 foot minimum for all custom made garlands. Our custom greenery garlands are custom, hand made in-house per order. We have a 6ft minimum and it comes with 1-2 types of greenery in this price range. Please order 6ft of garland per order. Pricing shown is per foot! Of course you are welcome to order more than 6 feet! Please order 7-10 business days in advance.

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