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Brunia, Albiflora-green


There are several varieties of Brunia that are sold as cut flower. The colors can range form silver to green or red. The most common varieties are Laevis, Albiflora and Bruna Silver. Brunia is year round available. Albiflora green Brunia is a very easy flower to use. It is also very popular in wedding designs for decoration, bouquets and boutonnieres. The neutral tones make it easy to use with other flowers in a wide variety of colors. Brunia adds an unique texture to your designs. Use Brunia in combination with (wedding) Roses, and Freesia for great floral combinations. Apply it in wedding bouquets, large or small centerpieces, wreaths or table pieces. It is such a versatile flower that can be used as filler or the center of attention. There are 10 stems in a bunch.

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