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Dusty Miller, Flat Leaf-grey


Our California  Grown Dusty Miller is used as an accent in bouquets and floral vase arrangements.  Its interesting texture combines well among pastel  or any color garden roses,  or long-stemmed roses, succulents, and astilbe for instance. There is an other type called Lace. Some care and handling instructions for best vase life : Make a clean cut using sharp shears. Place immediately in water and remove any submerged leaves. Change the water frequently, as it tends to produce bacteria. Keep them in a cool place until your event starts and best to have Dusty Miller arrive on a Thursday for a Saturday event.
Dusty Miller has a tendency to become floppy when out of water for extended periods of time, and it isn’t the hardiest greenery in town. Keep this greenery in shallow water to avoid the leaves getting wet, as water damages the ‘fuzzy look’ on the foliage. Use the  boiling water method if Dusty miller does not hold up cut the stems on an angle and immediately put them in boiling water just an inch is enough and they should come right back . Make sure the rest of the leaves stay dry.

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