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Yellow Flowering Forsythia Branches


Forsythia are spring flowering branches available December until early May. There are 7-10 stems in each bunch with branches that are 35-45″ tall or more. The peak blooming time is around Easter, and after those days the season is almost finished. Forsythia has unique, woody stems, together with the yellow flowers it is a joyful appearance. Popular in spring-inspired bouquets with other spring flowering bulbs.

**Please note that these branches will come to you in bud form, so be sure to order in advance so they have plenty of time to open before your event** The last photo is what it looks like when it is shipped to you. The first three photos show them bloomed after one week in a warm room with forced flowering.

To force flowering: Cut stems at an angle and “shave off” bottom inch of bark with a knife. Put branches in water in room temperature. They will take about 7 days to fully open so be sure to get them well before you need them!

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