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Garden Rose Bouquet Flower Package


Our wedding packages are designed to give you an idea of which type of flowers to combine. You can create your own custom bouquet by selecting the number of bunches of each flower you prefer.


Pink O'Hara Garden Roses

These gorgeous Light Pink O'Hara garden roses are a show-stopper. They are extremely fragrant and are perfect for use in weddings or baby showers. 12 stems per bunch. California grown.

Blush Cafe Au Lait Dahlias

Cafe Au Lait dahlias are extremely popular. We have Dahlia's almost year round and  the prices vary. The season is May through November when they are grown outdoors in California. PLEASE NOTE BEFORE YOU BUY THIS DAHLIA: Cafe Au Lait is very hard to ship due to the fact some of the flowers are open and may not look so great after being shipped in a box overnight. Because it has so many extra buds, we like to give you a care and handling tips on how to get those flowers to open. Take a vase or container and pour in a few inches of boiling water. Leave the stems in the water. The hot water will transport up the stem and will help open the new flower buds. We have a special way of packing them for overnight shipment nationwide but you need to know dahlias are very delicate, the stems are hollow and somewhat brittle. Remove lower leaves and cut crisply at an angle using a sharp disinfected knife or shears. The flowers should be hydrated upon arrival. Dahlias release a lot of bacteria and tissue into the water so it is recommended that water be changed and stems re-cut every other day. Please order in advance. Please note that this variety has over 10 different shades of color in the flower depending on time of the year and where they are grown. We have no control over this when they arrive from our local growers. If you have never worked with dahlias before, ask someone to help you before you buy because they are sold as is.

Light Pink Astilbe

Each astilbe stem has a plume of feather which hold clusters of small flowers together. Astilbe is available in beautiful soft vintage colors, different types of pink and red, white, lavender and peach. The peak and natural bloom period of the astilbe is in the early summer and fall, this is the moment when all the species are available. We buy locally - California, Washington, and Oregon grown. Thanks to the popularity, more and more species are available year-round. Light pink astilbe averages about 20-25" tall and comes with 10 stems in a bunch. Upon arrival, cut the stems and remove foliage up to the water level in the vase and keep in cool, well-ventilated are away from direct sun and heat. It is a popular filler flower and is easy to combine in different styles of bouquets. The flower is often used in (bridesmaid) bouquets, when different colors of astilbe are combined in one bouquet.

White Larkspur

Delphinium grandiflorum is a species of delphinium known by the common name larkspur. White larkspur is a popular cut flower delphinium variety which also dries very well. There are about 10 stems in a bunch. Locally grown and occasionally off crop, stems are about 20-25" tall and have no fragrance. They compliment any floral arrangement or wedding bouquet. Our locally grown larkspur is available in several different colors.

Queen Anne's Lace

Our Queen Anne's Lace is locally grown and has tall stems of approximately 25-30" and multiple flowers per stem. Grower's bunch is 7-10 stems on average (it depends on the time of the year and the grower). Please note they have hollow stems and we don't recommend using them in arrangements with floral foam. They do best in vase arrangements and bouquets.

Gunni Eucalyptus

Gunni eucalyptus is a beautiful scented blue-grey colored foliage that would look stunning in wedding bouquets! They come in generous grower's bunches and have long stems. Their vase life is extremely long (around 2 or 3 weeks). The leaf shape varies. Available year-round. Upon arrival, cut the stems at an angle and put them into clean water.

Baby Blue Eucalyptus

California grown Baby Blue eucalyptus has a great aroma. The leaves are a grey-blue color. The Baby Blue variety has Green, blue grey foliage, with round leaves and a stiff stem, making it a popular choice for adding texture to floral arrangements. Sold in generous  size grower's bunches.
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