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Peach Gerberas (70 stems)


Our Certified American Grown gerbera daisies are available year round. Each gerbera stem has a single bloom, and the stem length is about 18-20″. A bunch of peach gerberas displayed in vase makes a classic gift. Since Gerberas are locally grown in California, we’re able to ship the freshest flowers overnight.

Peach Gerberas bloom size is 3-3.5″ in diameter. The volume box is sold with 70 stems. The vase life is 8-10 days if properly cared for.

Cut each stem on an angle about one inch from the bottom and make sure you clean vase or container. Use the package of flower food follow instructions. Gerberas are very sensitive to bacteria build up in the bucket or vase, so refresh the water every couple of days (clean vase with bleach). We suggest having gerberas arrive on a Wednesday or Thursday before a weekend event so they can hydrate after shipping.

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