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Green Wedding Flower Packages


The question we get asked, “How many bouquets can I create with one package”? We estimate this flower package provides enough flowers to make 3 to 4 bouquets either hand-tied or vase arrangements. It all depends how full you like each arrangement to be. Example the Avalanche white Roses are 25 stems in a bundle 6 roses per bouquet should work fine. You divide Hypericum 10 stems so that is 3 or 4 stems per bouquet. If you like more greens in each bouquet up the quantity from 1 to units.


Olive Branch

Our Olive branches are freshly cut to order and available year round! The bunch size varies per grower and as you can see in the picture each stem has side branches and shoots.  Each bunch has 10 or more stems in the average growers bunch. Upon arrival cut each stem at least one inch and put them on fresh water in a clean bucket and keep in a cool well ventilated room. Place away from direct sunlight. Stems are naturally grown in hedges and dry well if you hang them upside down. in a warm dry attire or room. Often used for table decorations and with other flower and greens. Olive branches are a  great California Grown green and often used in vase arrangement or as a decoration on the dining room table.

Eucalyptus, Silver Dollar

Our locally California Grown Silver dollar Eucalyptus has an average of 10- 14 stems per growers bunch. Silver dollar Euc is easy to handle upon arrival. Cut the stems  and put them on fresh water in a clean container.

Eucalyptus, Seeded

Locally California Grown Seeded Eucalyptus has a 5 stems or more per bunch. They are good size bunches. During April- June the seeds are what they call cupped and look slightly different. Leaves are circular, 1–2 inches in diameter, and are clasping and closely spaced on the stems. Stems are woody, cut to various lengths. Plant is a broadleaf evergreen tree, Leaves have an aromatic, medicinal, or lemon-like fragrance. Availability: Year-round. Stem Length: Various lengths 12-18inches and it depends  the weight of the seeds. Care & Handling: Remove bottom leaves if present, recut stems and place into water with regular household bleach  (1/4 teaspoon) per quart or in a fresh flower food solution we provided.  Depending on species and cultivar, some recommend keep them in a cool moist place.

Lisianthus, doubles-white

White Eustoma better known as Lisianthus are long-stemmed flowers  with often only a few openings at a time. We offer mostly the new double flowering varieties and they are available in many different colors. The petals form a trumpet or funnel-shaped corolla, and are often yellow on the inside close to the mouth of the flowers. The stamens of the Lisianthus are inserted close to the base of the petals along with long and slightly twisted anthers. Cutflower  Lisianthus cultivars typically grow 20-28 inches tall. Also known as the Texas bluebell, lisianthus is native to the United States and blooms in white, blue, pink and purple, green peach. If cared for properly, they will last between seven and 10 days. Upon arrival  take the stems out of the sleeve and start cutting about an  inch off of each stem at a 45-degree angle. Remove any leaves that extend beyond the water line, because they can rot and breed bacteria. Make sure your vase or container is clean.  Add flower food in a vase filled with warm water and arrange your flowers in the vase. Place them in a cool spot, and keep them out of direct sunlight and away from air vents. Many of the unopened buds which show color may open fully. Smaller buds may not open but simply support the larger blossoms and accent the foliage.

Rose, CA-Avalanche-white

The Avalanche Rose is also known as Queen of the Roses. This variety has an unprecedented heavy flower petal count that always fully opens. They are packed 25 stems in a growers bundle. We offer local California Grown or imported roses from top growers in  SA ( South America). In the winter months the SA Grown roses have a larger flower head than the California Grown and you can always indicate on your order what your preference is. The stem length is 55-60 cm and this Avalanche is one of the premium  rose varieties.

Rose, Spray S.A.-white


Garland by the foot (specify)

Please note:  The price is per foot but we have a 6 foot minimum for all custom made Garlands.  Our custom greenery Garlands are custom, hand made in-house per order.  We have a 6 ft minimum and it come with 1-2 types of greenery in this price range. Please order 6 ft of garland per order.  Pricing shown is $15.50 per foot so the total in your cart should read $93.00.  Of course you are welcome to order more than 6 feet!  We ask for at least one work week to 10 days advance notice.


Green Hypericum stems are woody and long lasting . St John’s wort  is the  common name it  is a perennial and loaded with berries in natural colors. The branches are typically clustered the leaves are narrow and yellow-green in color. The dots are conspicuous when held up to the light. The stems are around 25-30 inches tall. Bunches are 10 stems .( The Berries are not recommended for human  consumption) Hypericum is native to the Mediterranean region of Europe, northern Africa, and the Middle East. There are  many different colors. The fresh colors are popular during the wedding season and are beautiful in pastel floral arrangements. Almost every color berry is available year round. Most of the Hypericum grown for the flower industry are from Ecuador, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. Available year round .
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