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Burgundy Helleborus


Burgundy helleborus is a perfect flower for weddings. The flower has a romantic look and is available in beautiful soft colors. The stems are approximately 12-15″ tall and there are 5 stems in a bunch. Once the flowers arrive, cut the stems with a sharp knife at a 45 degree angle and put them in clean water with flower food. Store the flowers cooled. The flowers are sensitive to bacteria buildup in the water, so make sure you use clean vases or containers and recut stems every other day. Stem length varies, but is approximately 15-18″ and there are 5 stems in a bunch. We do not recommend using Helleborus in floral foam arrangements. They do best when they have a direct water source. Please not these have to be special ordered and we ask for at least an 8 day advance notice because we try not to keep them in stock to ensure their freshness and quality.

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