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Purple Helleborus


Purple Helleborus is a perfect flower for a wedding in winter and spring. The flower has a romantic look and is available in beautiful soft colors. The flower is gorgeous to combine with Euphorbia, Brassica, Anemone, But also the combination Helleborus, Freesia and greenery is lovely. Use the flower seasonal, and you always have a great result.

Care Tips : Check the flowers when you receive them. After that, cut the flowers with a sharp knife on an angle  and put them on clean water with flower food. Store the flowers cooled. The flowers are sensitive o bacteria buildup in the water so makes sure you use clean vases or containers and recut stems every other day. Stem length varies 15 -18 ” and there are 5 stems in a bunch.
The season of the flower depends on the varieties. Some varieties only occur in spring, these are the colored tones in particular. The most common colors are; bright green, pink, red, purple, yellow and even black tones. Many flowers have multiple colors.

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