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Ladies Mantle (Alchemilla Mollis)


Ladies Mantle, also known as Alchemilla Mollis is a perennial garden plant with a rich medical history and was used in different cultures. The leaves are so soft that they are compared with Freya’s mantle. As a cut flower, Alchemilla is available during the spring and summer months. Later in the season, the plant has the characteristic yellow flowers. The season of this flower is quite similar to the Peony season, with a peak in May and June. Ladies  Mantle  flowers are often combined in a romantic bouquet. You can also combine these great flowers with other seasonal beauties, like Dahlia, Clematis, and Hydrangea. Or try a mix with Delphinium, Bouvardia, and Limonium! The stems are 20 – 25 inches tall and graded in a growers bunch 7 to 10 stems. California Grown and imported from Holland when season ends.

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