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White Syringa Lilac


Greenhouse forced in the winter Dutch white lilac has straight stems. The flowers of Dutch Lilac have become exclusive, because of the difficult cultivation there are only 18 growers in the Netherlands left. For generations this was a specialty trade  that is slowly disappearing. The plant is actually only flowering once every two years. The cultivation of the flowers is very manual, there is no option for automation and it is mostly done around Aalsmeer. The growers dig up the plant rootball and bring them into a green house and slowly raise the temperatures. This process is  known as forcing . White Lilac from Holland is available December – late March  early April stems per bunch. Some varieties are slightly fragrant  but not as fragrant as our outdoor grown lilac bushes in the US . Please order 5 to 7 work days in advance because we bring them in pre orders and don’t keep a lot of in stock.

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