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Orange Wedding Flower Packages


We estimate this flower package provides enough flowers to make 3 to 4 bouquets, either hand-tied or vase arrangements. It all depends how many flowers you would like to put in each arrangement or bouquet. For example, the Avalanche white roses come with 25 stems in a bunch. So if you were to use 6 roses per bouquet, then that would make 4 bouquets.


Dahlias, field-orange


Dahlias, Dinner Plate-white




Succulents, small 1.5 - 2

 Small succulents  are used for floral bouquets  / Use of florist wire . Sold individually please indicate in notes if you prefer a light grey green or darker color.

Succulents, medium 3 - 4

 sold as single plants grown locally . Please put in note color preference light green, dark or grey.

Callas, mini-orange


Queen Anne's lace

Our Queen Anne's Lace is locally grown and has tall stems of 25-35 inches or more and multiple flowers per stem. Growers bunch is  7- 10 stems on average . It depends on time of the year and grower. Please note they have hollow stems and we don't recommend using them in foam based arrangements but in vases and bouquets.

Eucalyptus, Gunei


Hydrangea, CA-white

 10 stems per bunch with a  good size flower head. Hydrangea last well if properly cared and handled. When they arrive it is a good idea to submerge the stems into a large bucket of  clear clean water  overnight

Rose, Garden CA-Fiesta Sunset-yellow/orange-EF


Hydrangea, antique-green

5 stems per bunch.

Garland by the foot (specify)

Please note:  The price is per foot but we have a 6 foot minimum for all custom made Garlands.  Our custom greenery Garlands are custom, hand made in-house per order.  We have a 6 ft minimum and it come with 1-2 types of greenery in this price range. Please order 6 ft of garland per order.  Pricing shown is $15.50 per foot so the total in your cart should read $93.00.  Of course you are welcome to order more than 6 feet!  We ask for at least one work week to 10 days advance notice.

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Flower Color

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