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Phalaenopsis Orchids, Double Spikes (6 Plants)


Our wholesale phalaeanopsis plants are packed 6 plants in 5″ plastic basic deco pots. Each plant has two bloom spikes! A great value and just under $35 per plant (plus shipping). Available in all white or assorted colors, pink or lavender (see recent photos of our plants taken in June 2019).  All of these orchid plants are California grown and available year-round. They make a great gift and will do well in any home or office, hotel lobby or restaurant and some people use them as centerpieces in plant baskets. We ask for a couple of workdays notice for any order and we ship via FedEx Priority Overnight. Phalaenopsis are indoor plants. For best results, place your plant in a bright, well-lit area in your home or office out of direct sunlight. Upon arrival carefully unpack the plants and make sure the pine bark chips stay in the pot.

*Add color choice in the comments section when placing your order*

Care and handling instructions for your Phalaenopsis plants:

Keep in bright but indirect indoor light.
Our plants are grown in bark, water once per week at most, and only if the bark seems dry. Submerge entire pot in water for 5 minutes and allow to drain OR place 2 to 3 ice cubes on top of potting medium. The ideal temperature range is 65-80°F while blooming.

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