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Oriental Lily Bouquet


Our fragrant large blooming Oriental Lily bouquet makes a great gift any time of the year ! Each bouquet consists of 5 stems of a pink, white, or pale yellow fragrant lily along with 4 stems of pink wax flower, hot pink boronia, or other filler that is in season, and 3 stems of greens either myrtle, silver dollar eucalyptus, or baby eucalyptus. Let us know which color lily you would like in the this bouquet. Please place your order in advance and choose a Thursday or Friday arrival, we ship via FedEx Priority Overnight nationwide. Shipping  and delivery for Tuesday through Friday arrival. Saturday delivery is available however FedEx will charge an additional $15 (not included in this promotion).

Pictured are the pink and light yellow Oriental lilies.

Cannot ship to Hawaii.

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Buy wholesale fragrant Oriental lilies for any Day!

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