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Pastel Pink Bouquet Flower Package


Our wedding bouquet packages are designed to give you an idea of which type of flowers to combine. You can create your own custom bouquet by selecting the number of bunches of each flower you prefer.


Light Pink Sweet Avalanche Roses

Sweet Avalanche roses are a soft pale pink color. Like all of the Avalanche varieties, this rose has a heavy petal count and open beautifully. Because we offer locally grown, its vase life is 10 days or more when proper care and handling has been used. There are 25 stems in a bunch and the stems are about 55-60cm long. These long stemmed roses make an excellent gift for any time of the year and look great in bouquets too!

Light Pink Tecate Ranunculus

Ranunculus are an excellent cut-flower and are long lasting in vase arrangements and bouquets the flowers are considered delicate. Ranunculus are cool climate crop. Available almost year-round because they are grown around the world. In California, the growing and harvest season is from December until May/June. Light pink ranunculus have a stem length of approximately 12-15". When fully open, the flowers are 2-3" in diameter. The bunch grade is 10 stems and they have no fragrance.




White Ruffle Lisianthus

White lisianthus is available year-round. We offer the double blooming varieties, which have beautiful ruffled edges on the blooms. Cut the flowers upon arrival and hold flowers at room temperature for 1-2 hours (or longer if flowers are limp or exhibiting bent neck) if you want them to open. Remember to always use clean buckets and vases. Use a packet of the provided Chrysal flower food in a vase of warm water. In addition, remove any leaves that are in the water because they can rot and breed bacteria. Place them in a cool spot, and keep them out of direct sunlight and away from air vents. Lisianthus is shipped with the blooms well developed (but not fully open). The newer imported varieties from Holland are sold in 5 stem bunches. Lisianthus is generally 20-30" in stem length and great to use in bouquets and vase arrangements.


Green Hydrangea, mini

Green mini tight hydrangeas are graded 10 stems per bunch. The flowers are 3-4" in diameter. Available year-round. Hydrangeas love water and high humidity and sometimes the can look wilted and that is because they are not taking up water. You can take the entire stem and put them upside down in a bucket of clean water overnight. The flower will come back. We do not recommend using hydrangeas in floral foam arrangements, they do much better when they have a direct source of water. Care and handling tips: Always use a clean vase or bucket when they arrive cut the stems at the base at least one inch on an angle. Use the flower food in clean water. Refresh the water every other day and wash the vase. Keep hydrangeas in a cool, well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight. Keep them away from any sources of ethylene gas (fruits and vegetables), as this makes fresh flowers mature faster. They can last 10 days or more!

Pink Hypericum

Hypericum, also known as St. John's wort, has stems that are woody and long lasting. Hypericum is a perennial and loaded with pink berries. The branches are typically clustered the leaves that are narrow and yellow-green in color. The stems are around 25-30" tall. Bunches are 10 stems. Most colors are available year-round.
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