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Festiva Maxima Peony


Peony Festiva Maxima has large white flowers, pretty foliage and a nice very fragrance. We offer American grown peonies and import from other places around the world where the season is the opposite. Chili , New Zealand, Holland and Israel. Peonies are always in demand and prices will vary throughout the year. The best pricing for peonies is in early June the highest pricing is August – September . Bring Peonies in a few days before you plan to use them and in the winter time it make take longer for the buds to open.  Some varieties can open quickly but if kept in a cool well ventilated area they hold up well.  Always use  clean water in  vases or buckets and keep foliage out of the water. The stems are 20 – 30 ” in length and grade 5 stems per bunch. Available almost year round there are a few weeks when there are non available we suggest purchase White Garden Roses as an alternative when peonies during that time. Our new imported crop starts to become available Mid October  from Chili through Christmas  Heads will be  smaller than the summer peonies.

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