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Pretty in Pink Bouquet Flower Package


Our wedding bouquet packages are designed to give you an idea of which type of flowers to combine. You can create your own custom bouquet by selecting the number of bunches of each flower you prefer.


Pink O'Hara Garden Roses

These gorgeous Light Pink O'Hara garden roses are a show-stopper. They are extremely fragrant and are perfect for use in weddings or baby showers. 12 stems per bunch. California grown.

Blush Mansfield Park Garden Spray Roses

Mansfield Park is a very popular garden spray rose. It is a beautiful blush pink color with multiple 2-3" flowers on a stem. We have these locally grown and they are packed 8-10 stems per bunch. Stems are 50-60cm tall and work well in wedding bouquets and vase arrangements. Available year-round, but we suggest to order well in advance because availability can be limited during the busy wedding season.

Light Pink Carnations

Standard carnations are now available year-round. These light pink carnations have no fragrance and are natural in color. They have an excellent vase life. Please order at least 10 days in advance if possible. There are 25 stems in a bunch and stems are tall.

White Field Dahlias

Dahlias are delicate and have one blooming stem with multiple laterals that don't always bloom. Please do research on care of dahlias before you receive them, as they can be a tricky flower to work with. We ship the best quality dahlias from our local growers but they don't always travel well. Professional refrigeration would be helpful in the summer months and they are sold as is. The stem length on most dahlias is 20-25" with multiple blooms per stem. Bloom size varies from 2.5-5" in diameter. Sold in 5 stem bunches, and the vase life is around 5 days. Have them arrive on a Thursday for a Saturday event so they have plenty of time to hydrate in water before using them in arrangements.

Please note that we sell our dahlias by color, not by type.

**Our local dahlia production is limited during the winter months. The season starts for most colors in April/May and we suggest ordering in advance. These white decorative type dahlias are grown outdoors and the color tones of certain varieties may vary from the photos.


White Hydrangea

The white hydrangea bunch is in big demand for weddings and parties. It has 10 stems per bunch and they are very long lasting. They have good size flower head. We source from a great grower who gives us the cream of the crop! A super wholesale flower value. Hydrangeas are easy to use in bouquets or vase arrangements. A pro Care and Handling tip: Hydrangeas love humidity and if the flowers appear dry, take the stem and put it upside down in a clean flower bucket with fresh water overnight and submerge them. They will come back. The flower head is approximately 8-10" in diameter. This wholesale hydrangea is in big demand and we ask you to order a week or more in advance if you need quantities of 6 bunches or more.

White Cushion Spray Mums

Chrysanthemums, also called mums, are long lasting - at least 14 days. These white cushion spray mums have multiple small blooms on each stem. There are around 5-7 stems in each grower's bunch, depending on the size and fullness of each stem. Change the water, clean the vase, and recut flower stems every couple of days for longer lasting flowers. Stems are about 25-35" tall and they are available year-round.
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This Starter Flower Package includes one of each variety by the bunch.

Buy fresh, wholesale flowers by the bunch!  This flower package has beautiful flowers and foliages for any decor style.

No high minimum orders! Why buy a whole box of one flower when we sell our wholesale flowers in these convenient packages by the bunch? Buy what you need when you need it! We ship fast and fresh, overnight to your door.

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