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Purple Bouquet Flower Package


Our wedding bouquet packages are designed to give you an idea of which type of flowers to combine. You can create your own custom bouquet by selecting the number of bunches of each flower you prefer.


Purple Lisianthus

Locally grown purple lisianthus is bunched 5-7 stems depending on the size of the stems and the grower. We mostly offer double blooming varieties and there are many new exciting colors. Cut the flowers upon arrival and hold flowers at room temperature for 1-2 hours (or longer if flowers are limp or exhibiting bent neck) if you want them to open. Remember to always use clean buckets and vases. Use a packet of the provided Chrysal flower food in a vase of warm water. In addition, remove any leaves that are in the water because they can rot and breed bacteria. Place them in a cool spot, and keep them out of direct sunlight and away from air vents. Lisianthus is shipped with the blooms well developed (but not fully open). The newer imported varieties from Holland are sold in 5 stem bunches. Lisianthus is generally 20-30" in stem length and great to use in bouquets and vase arrangements.


Purple Stock

Stock is a fragrant flower available year-round and is locally grown. Available in many different colors. Frequently used in wedding bouquets and everyday vase arrangements and a bunch of stock makes a nice gift. It has a sturdy stem and does well in cooler temperatures. The best quality stock in the world is grown locally along the California coast where the temperatures are cool year-round. During excessive summer heat production goes down. The stems are 20-28 inches tall and there are 10 stems per bunch. Upon arrival, cut stems on an angle, and use clean containers. Keep flowers in a well ventilated room with no direct heat or sunlight. Have them arrive on a Thursday for a Saturday event.

Purple Hydrangea

Purple hydrangeas are graded 5 stems per bunch. The flowers are large. The actual purple color may slightly vary from the picture due to time of the season. Hydrangeas love water and high humidity and sometimes the can look wilted and that is because they are not taking up water. You can take the entire stem and put them upside down in a bucket of clean water overnight. The flower will come back. We do not recommend using hydrangeas in floral foam arrangements, they do much better when they have a direct source of water. Care and handling tips: Always use a clean vase or bucket when they arrive cut the stems at the base at least one inch on an angle. Use the flower food in clean water. Refresh the water every other day and wash the vase. Keep hydrangeas in a cool, well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight. Keep them away from any sources of ethylene gas (fruits and vegetables), as this makes fresh flowers mature faster. They can last 10 days or more!

Purple Carnations

Standard carnations are now available year-round. These purple carnations have no fragrance and are natural in color. They have an excellent vase life. Please order at least 10 days in advance if possible. There are 25 stems in a bunch and stems are tall.

Purple Sinuata Statice

Sinuata statice, also known as annual statice, is known for its papery flowers that can be used in fresh and dried arrangements. California’s micro climate is ideal to grow statice. They have a great vase life. Graded 7-10 stems in a bunch the stem length is about 20" long. Purple statice is available year-round. After using statice in a fresh flower arrangement, try drying the stems by hanging them upside down in a well-ventilated, dry, low humidity area.

Fresh Lavender

California grown fresh lavender is available year-round. The farm we use has different varieties during the year there are many different varieties. Therefore the bunches may vary depending on the growing location and the time of the year. Lavender grown in the summer and early fall will have the most color. Grower's bunches are at least 10 stems and can vary in length from 15-25" tall.  The actual color can vary from the picture because in winter and early spring season the stems are shorter and the bunches have more grayish color.

Blue Misty Limonium

Misty limonium has a light grey blue color. The stems are tall and the grower bunches are generous - 10 stems or more. The stem length is 20-25" and has many usable side shoots. Often used as a filler in vases or bouquets. Available year-round and are imported when local production has ended. Misty limonium can be dried and used in many different ways.

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