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Red Wedding Flower Package


Red Peony

Peonies have large flowers, pretty foliage and a nice fragrance. Depending on the season, we have either American grown or imported peonies. Chile, New Zealand, Holland and Israel. Peonies are always in demand and prices will vary throughout the year. Order your peonies in a few days before you plan to use them (in the winter it makes take longer for the buds to open).  In a cool, well ventilated place they hold up well. The stems are 20-30" in length and come with 5 stems per bunch. ** Please note that there are a few weeks when peonies are not available. In this case, we suggest Garden Roses as an alternative** Grade 5 stems per bunch
You can choose a minimum quantity of 1 and a maximum quantity of 100 for this product!

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Red Field Dahlias


Dahlias are delicate and have one blooming stem with multiple laterals that don't always bloom. Please do research on care of dahlias before you receive them, as they can be a tricky flower to work with. We ship the best quality dahlias from our local growers but they don't always travel well. Professional refrigeration would be helpful in the summer months and they are sold as is. The stem length on most dahlias is 20-25" with multiple blooms per stem. Bloom size varies from 2.5-5" in diameter. Sold in 5 stem bunches, and the vase life is around 5 days. Have them arrive on a Thursday for a Saturday event so they have plenty of time to hydrate in water before using them in arrangements.

Please note that we sell our dahlias by color, not by type.  

**Our local dahlia production is limited during the winter months. The season starts for most colors in April/May and we suggest ordering in advance. These red decorative type dahlias are grown outdoors and the color tones of certain varieties may vary from the photos.

You can choose a minimum quantity of 1 and a maximum quantity of 100 for this product!

Blush Charity Garden Roses

CA GrownCharity™ is truly unique for a David Austin® rose as its green center is quite apparent. Delicate shades of peach and pink contrast sharply with the chartreuse center. Its strong and delightful fragrance makes it a popular wedding and event rose. *Save more by ordering 4 bunches delivered right to you through our sister site, Wedding Roses Direct. These garden roses are farm fresh with a longer shelf life. Fast and free delivery.
You can choose a minimum quantity of 1 and a maximum quantity of 100 for this product!

Pink Astilbe

Astilbe is available in beautiful soft vintage colors, different types of pink and red, white, lavender and peach. The peak and naturally bloom period of the astilbe early summer and fall. We source California, Washington, and Oregon grown, as well as greenhouse grown from Holland. Pink astible is on average about 20-25" tall and comes with 10 stems in a bunch. Upon arrival cut the stems and remove foliage up to the water level in the vase and keep astible in cool well ventilated are away from direct sun and heat. It is a popular filler flower, which is easy to combine in different styles of bouquets. Astible  is often used in bouquets. Try making a bouquet with other flowers .
You can choose a minimum quantity of 1 and a maximum quantity of 100 for this product!

Seeded Eucalyptus

We procure Certified American Grown seeded eucalyptus has a bunch with 5 or more stems (depending on their size). During April through June, the seeds are what they call cupped and look slightly different and availability can be limited during this time . Leaves are circular, 1-2" in diameter, and are clasping and closely spaced on the stems. Stems are woody, and are 12-18" in length. Plant is a broadleaf evergreen tree, the leaves have an aromatic, medicinal, or lemon-like fragrance. They are available year-round. Remove bottom leaves if present, recut stems and place into water with the provided fresh flower food.
You can choose a minimum quantity of 1 and a maximum quantity of 100 for this product!

Baby Blue Eucalyptus

California grown Baby Blue eucalyptus has a great aroma. The leaves are a grey-blue color. The Baby Blue variety has Green, blue grey foliage, with round leaves and a stiff stem, making it a popular choice for adding texture to floral arrangements. Sold in generous  size grower's bunches.
You can choose a minimum quantity of 1 and a maximum quantity of 100 for this product!

Garland by the foot (specify)



Please note: The price is per foot but we have a 6ft minimum for all custom made garlands. Our greenery garlands are custom, hand made in-house per order. We have a 6ft minimum and it comes with 1-2 types of greenery in this price range. Pricing shown is per foot. We ask for at least 7-10 business days advance notice.
You can choose a minimum quantity of 6 and a maximum quantity of 100 for this product!
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