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Silver Bouquet Flower Package


Our wedding bouquet packages are designed to give you an idea of which type of flowers to combine. You can create your own custom bouquet by selecting the number of bunches of each flower you prefer.


White Garden Roses


White Miss Bombastic Spray Roses

The Bombastic spray roses  series are all known for their great head size and heavy multiple buds per stem. Miss Bombastic is a white and multiple nice blooms that open. Because they are large and branched most growers bunch these at 8 stems.

White Rice Flower

White rice flower is California grown and available spring through summer. The stems are 20-25" tall. Bunches are 7-10 stems. Rice flower has a dark stem with medium to dark green small foliage. Strong central bloom with a number of long laterals with a white to creamy white bloom color. Vase life is around 10 days if properly cared and handled. After the California production ends, we import them from Australia and other parts of the world.

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Grey Flat Leaf Dusty Miller

Our California grown dusty miller is used as an accent in bouquets and floral vase arrangements. There is another type called Lace. Some care and handling instructions for best vase life: Make a clean cut using sharp shears. Place immediately in water and remove any submerged leaves. Change the water frequently. Keep them in a cool place until your event starts. Dusty miller has a tendency to become floppy when out of water for extended periods of time, and it isn't the hardiest greenery in town. Keep this greenery in shallow water to avoid the leaves getting wet, as water damages the 'fuzzy look' on the foliage. There are 10 stems in a bunch, with each stem having multiple leaves.


White Tecate Ranunculus

Ranunculus are an excellent cut-flower and are long lasting in vase arrangements and bouquets the flowers are considered delicate. Ranunculus are cool climate crop. Available almost year-round because they are grown around the world. In California, the growing and harvest season is from December until May/June. Ranunculus have a stem length of approximately 12-15". When fully open, the flowers are 2-3" in diameter. The bunch grade is 10 stems and they have no fragrance.


White Astrantia

White astrantia has a nice texture and adds a natural wildflower look to any vase or wedding bouquet. The stems are 20-25" tall. Available from Holland almost year-round and in different colors. White wholesale astrantia has a good vase life. All of our astrantia is graded 10 stems per bunch.

Silver Brunia

There are several varieties of brunia that are sold as cut flowers. The natural colors can range form silver to green or red. Brunia is available year-round and it is a very easy flower to use. It is also very popular in wedding designs for decoration, bouquets and boutonnieres. The neutral tones make it easy to use with other flowers in a wide variety of colors, as well as adds a unique texture to your designs. Use silver brunia in combination with roses and freesia for great floral combinations.

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