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White Frizzle Tulips


Frizzled white tulips have small edges on the flowers these tulips knows as fringed tulips. These have a vintage look  the petals and the fringe are white. Grown mostly in Holland. There are 10 stems in a bunch and the stems are approximately 15-20″ tall. Prime tulip season is from December through early May. That is the time for the best quality and most variety, but many varieties are now available year-round. Upon arrival, cut stem ends while tulips are still in sleeve to create fresh surface to absorb water. Place into clean water filled vase, leaving tulips in sleeve for 4 hours to avoid drooping. Keep in cool location out of direct sunlight. Replenish water as needed and enjoy! Ventilate well and avoid storing with fruits and vegetables.

**Please note that tulips continue to grow after they have been cut, so you may need to cut their stems more often than other flowers.

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