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Dahlias, field-red/white


Our local Dahlia production is limited during the winter months. The season starts for most colors  April- May and we encourage advance orders. Dahlias are grown outdoors and the color tones of certain varieties may vary from the photo’s. Dahlia’s are 5 stems  bunches. Vase life is 3 to 5 days important to have them arrive on a Thursday for a Saturday event.
Dahlia’s are delicate and have one blooming stem with multiple  laterals that don’t always bloom. We suggest buying Dahlia’s if you have some  flower expertise and if you don’t  have flower expertise please consider other types of flowers such as Chrysanthemum PomPom or Daisy type instead.  We ship the best quality dahlia’s from our local growers but they don’t always travel well. Professional refrigeration would be helpful in the summer months  and they are sold as is. The stem length on most dahlias are 20-25 inches with multiple blooms per stem. Bloom size varies from 2.5 to 5 inches across for regular dahlias

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