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Blue Classic Bouquet Flower Packages



Hydrangea, PG-white



Green Hypericum stems are woody and long lasting . St John’s wort  is the  common name it  is a perennial and loaded with berries in natural colors. The branches are typically clustered the leaves are narrow and yellow-green in color. The dots are conspicuous when held up to the light. The stems are around 25-30 inches tall. Bunches are 10 stems .( The Berries are not recommended for human  consumption) Hypericum is native to the Mediterranean region of Europe, northern Africa, and the Middle East. There are  many different colors. The fresh colors are popular during the wedding season and are beautiful in pastel floral arrangements. Almost every color berry is available year round. Most of the Hypericum grown for the flower industry are from Ecuador, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. Available year round .

Hydrangea, CA-blue

5 stems per bunch the color blue change during g the season and may vary from the picture.

Ranunculus, Victorian-white

Ranunculus also known as buttercup come in all colors. They are an excellent cut-flower and are long lasting in vase arrangements and bouquets the flowers are considered delicate.  Ranunculus are cool climate crop.  Available almost year round because grown around the world. Elegance series are the best known and available in a  wide range of colors including  pastel colors which are in large demand.  In California the growing & harvest season is  from December until May - June. Ranunculus have a stem length of about 20 or inches or more. The flowers when fully open are 2-3 inches in diameter. The bunch grade is 10 stems and they have no fragrance.

Rose, Garden Spray CA-Alabaster-white

Alabaster is a charming white Garden rose. Alabaster is from the Floribunda family of roses, has a slight fragrance, opens perfectly flat with a rosette shape and it lasts over 10 days in the vase when properly cared for. This is  a great white variety with a fragrance for both events and vase work! Color is White Secondary Color is Light Yellow, Bloom Form: Rosette , head size small and the  petal Count is  80 . Fragrance: Lilac  Vase Life Length: 40-50 cm Side Shoots: None Bloom Opening Habit: 100% . There are 12 stems per bunch we suggest  to place order in advance  ( several weeks ) during the busy wedding season.  Alternative varieties are Patience  or White Cloud.

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Buy fresh,wholesale flowers by the bunch!  This flower package has beautiful flowers and foliages for any decor style.

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