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Bouquet Flower Packages -Garden Rose


Our wedding packages are designed to give you an idea of which type of flowers to combine.  You can  create your own custom  bouquet by selecting the number of bunches you prefer.


Eucalyptus, Baby Blue


Eucalyptus, Gunei


Dahlias, Cafe Au Lait-blush


Rose, Garden CA-Light Pink O'Hara-light pink-CPF


Astilbe-light pink




Queen Anne's lace

 Our Queen Anne's Lace is locally grown and has tall stems of 25-35 inches or more and multiple flowers per stem. Growers bunch is  7- 10 stems on average . It depends on time of the year and grower. Please note they have hollow stems and we don't recommend using them in foam based arrangements but in vases and bouqet's.
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