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Pretty in Pink Bouquet Flower Package



Rose, Garden CA-Augusta Luise-light pink

Garden rose Augusta Luise has a ruffled light pink flower with a peach center.

Hydrangea-white 10 stems

The white Hydrangea bunch is in big demand for weddings and parties. It has 10 stems per bunch and they are very long lasting. They have good size flower head.  We source from a great grower who gives us the cream of the crop!  A super  wholesale flower value.  Hydrangea are easy to use in bouquets or vase arrangements. A pro Care and Handling tip: Hydrangea's  love humidity and if the flowers appear dry take the stem and put it upside down in a clean flower bucket with fresh water overnight and submerge them. They will come back . The flower head is approximately 3-4 inches across. This wholesale Hydrangea is in big demand and we ask if you can order a week or more in advance if you need quantities of 6 bunches or more.

Carnations-light pink


Mums, Spray-Cushion-white

Chrysanthemums is the real name. Mums is the common name. The flowers are long lasting at least 14 days the most popular types are: Button , Daisy, Cushion, Spider and Micro Spray & Santini's  have multiple blooms on a stem. Disbuds are single large blooms, and Spray Mums have multiple smaller blooms per stem. Clean water and  clean vase and recutting every couple of days will make them last a long time in a vase most.

Dahlias, field-white

Locally grown  Dahlias availability is increasing every day since mid  May. Our local Dahlia production is limited during winter months. Our season starts for most colors . We ship nationwide overnight.  White decorative Dahlias  are grown outdoors and the color tones of certain varieties may vary from the photo's. Dahlia's are 5 stems  per bunch .The bloom size varies and can be 2.5 - 5 inches. Vase life is 3 to 5 days important to have them arrive on a Thursday for a Saturday event. Dahlia's are delicate and have one blooming stem with multiple  laterals ( buds)  that don't always bloom. We suggest buying Dahlias if you have some  flower expertise and if you don't have flower expertise please consider other types of flowers such as Chrysanthemum,  PomPom or Daisy type instead.  We ship the best quality dahlias from our local growers but they don't always travel well. Professional refrigeration would be helpful in the summer months  and they are sold as is.

Rose, Garden Spray CA-Mansfield Park-blush/pink-EF

Mansfield Park is one of the most popular Garden Spray Rose. It is a beautiful Blush and Pink color multiple flowers on a stem like a regular spray rose except these are Garden Rose flower heads in a smaller shape about 2-3 inches in size. We have these locally grown and they are packed 8 stems per bunch. Stems are 50 - 60 cm tall and work well in wedding bouquets and vase arrangements. Available year round we suggest to order well in  advance because availability can be limited during the busy wedding season.
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This Starter Flower Package is $177.25 and includes One of each variety by the bunch.

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