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Bouquet Flower Packages – Purple



Statice, Sinuata-purple




Lisianthus, doubles-purple



5 stems per bunch.


Matthiola Incana better known as Stock, is a fragrant flower available year round and locally grown.  Available in many different  colors . Purple stock is frequently used in wedding bouquets and every day vase arrangements and a bunch of stock makes a nice gift. It has a sturdy stem and does well in cooler temperatures. The best quality Stock in the world  is grown locally along the California coast where the temperatures are cool year round. During excessive summer heat production goes down. The stems are 20 -28 inches tall. there are 10 stems per bunch.  Upon arrival cut stems on a  angle use clean containers keep  hold them in a a well ventilated room with no direct heat or sunlight. Have them arrive on a Thursday for a Saturday event.

Misty Limonium-blue

 Misty Limonium had a light grey blue color.  The stems are tall and the grower bunches are generous at least 10 stems or more. The stem length is 20-25" and has many useable side shoots. Often uses as a filler in vases or bouquets.  Available year round and imported when local productions has ended. Misty Limonium  can be dried and uses in many different ways.

Lavender, fresh-lavender

Fresh Lavender is available almost year round and California Grown. The farm we use has different varieties throughout the year there are about 40 different varieties and the lavender color & size of the bunches  may vary a little depending on the sunlight and time of the year. Summertime and and early fall it will have the most color.  Our growers bunches are at least 10 stems and can vary in length from 15- 25 inches tall.  The actual color may vary from the picture earlier in the season the stems are shorter and blue grey color.
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