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Hydrangea-light pink


Hydrangea light pink are graded 5 stems per bunch.  the flowers are large. The actual pink color may slightly vary from the actual due to time of the season. Hydrangea love water and high humidity and sometimes the can look wilted and that is because they are not taking up water. You can take the entire stem and put them upside down in a bucket of clean water overnight. The flower will come back. Using Hydrangea in floral foam is possible but does not always work. We recommend Hydrangea on water in vase.

More Care & handling tips:  Always use a clean vase or bucket when they arrive cut the stems at the base at least one inch on an angle. The flowers depend on their stems to access the water and nutrients necessary for continued blooming. Early wilting usually occurs when the stems begin to scab over or become clogged with bacteria and water minerals. Opening the stems so they can absorb water fully and destroying all bacteria in the water or vase often perk up hydrangea flowers so they can continue to brighten a home. Use the flower food or if you don’t have any use a drop of bleach. Refresh the water every other day and wash the vase. Keep Hydrangea is a cool well ventilated place away from direct sunlight. They can last up to 10 days or more!

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