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Lily Oriental, Lombardia-hot pink


Lombardia Light pink Oriental Lilies are fragrant have 3-5  large blossoms stems are at least 25 – 35 inches tall. Grading is 10 stems per bunch.  Lilies look great in bouquets and tall vase arrangements and make a great gift!  There are a lot of different varieties  and many are available now year round. The flowers open in 2- 3 days.  When the flowers are fully open pollen is visible and it can look beautiful but you want to avoid brushing against it, as it will stain. You may want to remove the pollen entirely best to this as soon as the flower opens. To remove any pollen that does get on your skin or clothing, simply lift it off with adhesive tape.  Should a slight stain result, simply lay the fabric out in full sun a few hours and the stain will disappear. Actual color may vary from the picture because of time of the year.
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