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Orchid, Cymbidium, large-yellow


Our locally grown Cymbidium stems have many large blooms and are incredibly beautiful and long lasting.  The Yellow color blooms are each approximately 2-2.5″ across and you can expect that each stem will have approx.12 -14  or more blooms. Large Cymbidiums are available in various colors throughout our California growing season.  When the  season ends we import from Australia and Holland and we ask for two weeks advanced notice to receive the freshest product available from our growers around the world.

Care & handling of Cymbidium: Remove the the wrapping sleeve and cut each stem at least 1/4 of an in inch or 1 cm with a floral shear or sharp knife. Put the stem in a clean vase of  warm water 100 degrees F.  Use a tall slender vase so the stem is supported and make sure there is plenty of water in the vase at all times and they may last for weeks. ( repeat the process every 3 day and clean the vase with deterrent each time.( keep bacteria levels down)  Cymbidiums stems make a great gift  for a home or office and add some of our floral green to the vase. The individual blooms can also be used as a  Corsage or  Boutonniere.
Cymbidium flowers will arrive open. We suggest receiving your Cymbidum orchids at least two days so they have time to properly hydrate before your event  and keep them at 50- 60 degrees in a well ventilated room away from direct sunlight.For any specific requests or questions please email . customer service. There are many different colors and varieties the actual Yellow color may vary  slightly from the picture.

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