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Orchid, Phalaenopsis Plant 5″ Single x18


 Locally grown Phalaenopsis Orchid plants. We ship 18 individual plants in 5 inch pots via next day air. That is $27.50 per plant and few dollars for delivery. Beautiful quality plants. Assorted colors growers choice or if you prefer a certain color please make a note when your order and we will confirm with the grower.  These plants can be ordered in solid or assorted colors. We ask for several work days advance notice  Great as center pieces for tables and or office desk and lobbies. Phalaenopsis Orchid plants are easy to the take care of water once a week above a sink let them drain is key so the roots get air.  Some people put in a few ice cubes on the bark ( not on the plant)   These beauties will last for 6 weeks or more if proper cared for.

*Add color choice in the comments section when placing your order.*

Care & handling instructions for your Phalaenopsis plants:

Keep in bright but indirect indoor light.
Our plants are grown in bark, water once per week at most, and only if the bark seems dry. Submerge entire pot in water for 5 minutes and allow to drain OR place 2 to 3 ice cubes on top of potting medium. Phalaenopsis grown in sphagnum moss (e.g., our Darling Orchids) need water less frequently; every two weeks should be sufficient. Be sure to water moss thoroughly, since moss that is very dry may not immediately absorb water. The ideal temperature  range is 65-80°F while blooming.

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