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Yarrow, tall-yellow


Achillea Yarrow stems are 22-25″ tall and have a good size yellow. The flowers stems can also be easily dried. Available summer – late fall and each bunch has 10 stems.

The Yarrow flower (Achillea millefolium) has a long history for use as a strong healing herb for wounds, abrasions and cuts. The dried stalks are used in I Ching divination as a randomizing agent. In the Middle Ages, this plant was part of gruit; the herbal mixture which was used for flavoring beer.

The Yarrow flower has been used as food and in the 17th century, it was a popular vegetable. The essential oil extracted from the flowers by steam distillation can be used in chest rubs for influenza and colds or as an anti inflammatory. The North American Natives considered the herb to be a life medicine, used to treat earaches and tooth aches. The Native American tribes such as that of Miwok used the plant as a pain killer and head cold remedy.

The leaves of Yarrow were smoked to relieve congestion of the lungs and also smoked in ceremonies. The tea from the leaves was used for bathing babies that were having convulsions. They also used to be burned so as to revive comatose patients and repelling of evil spirits.

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