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Yellow Wedding Flower Package


Our DIY wedding flower packages take the guesswork out of it! You can always customize your package with quantities that you need.


Lemon Pompon Garden Roses

The Lemon Pompon garden rose has a large, pale yellow, rosette-shaped flower head. They have a high petal count and come with 12 stems per bunch.

Yellow Lemon Ice Spray Roses

Lemon Ice spray roses are a lovely delicate light yellow. Spray roses have multiple small blooms on each stem. 8-10 stems per bunch.

Yellow Craspedia (Billy Balls)

Craspedia are also known as Billy Balls. They have small stems with a flower head that is approximately 1" in diameter. We have California grown craspedia, and when they are not available locally, we import them. They have no foliage and stem length is 25-30" tall. They give any arrangement a nice pop of color. Available year-round.

Orange Tropical Amazon Roses

Tropical Amazon Orange rose is a true orange rose which will add a vibrant and radiant pop of color to any arrangement! The bloom opens into a beautiful, classic rose shape that works well in both bridal bouquets, event centerpieces, and every day arrangements. Super quality and cut to order since these are locally grown. They have an excellent vase life if proper care and handling methods are applied. There are 25 stems in a bunch and the length is 55-60cm with nice fresh lush green foliage. This beautiful rose is available year-round.

White Akito Roses

Akito is a pure white long stemmed rose with a good petal count that opens beautifully and is perfect to use for your DIY wedding. We offer both California grown and imported South American grown. The stems are 50-60cm tall, and there are 25 stems in a bunch. This beautiful rose is available year-round. Please note that the California grown roses have a slightly smaller flower head than the imported roses. Vase life can be up to 14 days.

White Hydrangea

Our white hydrangeas are packed 10 stems per bunch with a good sized flower head. Hydrangeas last well if properly cared and handled. When they arrive, it is a good idea to submerge the stems into a large bucket of clear clean water overnight.

White Button Spray Mums

Chrysanthemums, also called mums, are long lasting - at least 14 days. These white button spray mums have multiple small, button-like blooms on each stem. The center of the blooms have a hint of light green. There are around 5-7 stems in each grower's bunch, depending on the size and fullness of each stem. Change the water, clean the vase, and recut flower stems every couple of days for longer lasting flowers.

White Waxflower

Waxflower is a popular filler flower that is available in many natural colors. Used as a colorful alternative to gypsophila (baby's breath), waxflower features small flowers and tiny leaves that resemble pine needles on slender, woody stems. Vase life is 8-10 days. White waxflower is an airy filler for arrangements. Waxflower's delicate flowers are well-suited for bridal bouquets, nosegays and corsages. We source California grown waxflower when in season and import from Australia when off season. Waxflower is a great accent flower, yet is still able to stand alone. The delicate petals and subtle, lemony fresh scent make these long lasting blooms hugely popular in both the home and in floral displays. They’re symbolic of patience and lasting love, which makes them a popular option for wedding bouquets and accessories, including flower crowns and corsages. These are sold in generous grower's bunches of approximately 18-20 stems.

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