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How to Make Your Mother’s Day Flowers Last Longer

Whether you received a beautiful arrangement for Mother’s Day, or you are just brightening up your home with some fresh flowers, you are going to want to make them last as long as possible. Today on the blog, we’re breaking down the best ways to keep your flowers fresh for longer:

  • Use a clean vase
  • Cut stems with floral specific scissors, at an angle
  • Change the water daily
  • Keep foliage out of the water
  • Place in a well ventilated place and try to avoid putting them in direct sunshine

First on our list is the importance of using a clean vase. If you start with a dirty vase, you’ll be propelling your flowers to age faster. Simply rinse your vase out with hot water and soap and you should be good to go. If your vase is cloudy, we recommend scrubbing with a vinegar based cleanser to help get the sediment off.

Next, you should try your best to buy and use a floral specific pair of scissors to cut your flowers’ stems at an angle. It’s important that you do this as soon as you unbox your farm-fresh delivery, before you put them in fresh water. While floral scissors are preferred, if you don’t have a pair, regular scissors will do.

We just mentioned fresh water. Perhaps the most difficult thing to remember when it comes to taking care of your flowers is to change the water daily, if you are able. Sure, skipping a day or two won’t shorten the life of your flowers all that much, but if you really want to maximize not only the value of your flowers but also the beauty of them, you should be dumping out old water and filling in with fresh water daily. Each time you do this, grab those scissors and give the stems another little cut at an angle. Want an extra pro-tip for keeping that water nice and clean? Believe it or not, adding a tiny amount of bleach to the water in your vase will kill any bacteria that tries to form, letting your flowers live on much longer than they would with just water. Check out Martha Stewart’s video on this topic here.

It is extremely important that you also keep foliage out of your water. We have all made this mistake, letting the leaves drop into the water, but this ends up causing bacteria to spread and you will notice as the leaves get wet, they will start to disintegrate into an algae like goo in your vase. An easy way to prevent this from happening is to strip the stems of any and all foliage before you place them in your water.

Lastly, many people think that fresh flowers need to be treated like some of your favorite plants, demanding full sunshine all day. However, flowers can die off faster if your vase is sitting in the hot sun all day. Do your arrangement a favor and move your vase to a regularly lit room that has sun for parts but not all of the day. If possible, make sure the area is well ventilated as well.

Well, there you have it! We hope you enjoy your beautiful, farm-fresh Mother’s Day or everyday floral arrangements from us. Please keep these tips handy to ensure you can get the most life out of your flowers! Thanks to our wholesale model, our flowers do not spend time sitting on shelves waiting for transit. This allows many of our flowers to last anywhere from 7-14 days, depending on your local climate and how you care for them.

Image: David Austin Wedding Roses

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