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Hydrangea Care & Design Tips for the DIYer

The hydrangea is surely one of the most well-known and famous flowers and is also one of the most popular DIY wedding flowers. Our beautiful wholesale hydrangeas are available in many natural colors including white, green, blue, red, and pink. We also have an assortment of new antique colors that are truly unique! Check out our selection of wholesale hydrangeas here. Hydrangea blooms continue to change color while they are still on the plant, which allows for an availability of a wide color range for cut hydrangeas. These new wholesale hydrangea varieties have strong stems and a long vase life with proper care and handling.

In order to have your hydrangeas last as long as possible, taking proper care of them is essential. Once they arrive, they should be unpacked immediately. We pack our fresh hydrangeas with a water source to keep them fresh during shipping. If the flowers seem droopy upon arrival, dunk the entire flower head in a bucket of water for about 5 hours. This allows the bloom to rehydrate. Also, the stems should be cut 1 inch at a 45-degree angle and placed in clean water with floral preservative. For your convenience we include packets of floral preservative in every Fabulous Florals wholesale flower order. In addition, be sure to keep the blooms away from direct sunlight and from heat sources. Keep them away from fruits and vegetables as well, as they produce Ethylene, a gas that causes flowers to mature at a faster rate. With these care tips properly executed, your hydrangeas should last about 7 days.

Designing floral arrangements with hydrangeas is quite simple. They even look great in a vase by themselves! However, if you would like to combine them with other flowers, they also look great with roses, dahlias, peonies, ranunculus, tulips, calla lilies, and many others. Because of their large head size and shape, they are also great to use in bouquets to get the classic round bouquet shape effortlessly.

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