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Wholesale Flower Customer Reviews

We take pride in our business and our commitment to delivering the freshest flowers at the best prices, on time.
Don’t just take our word for it. Our customers say it best.

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I received the most beautiful flowers.

I received the most beautiful flowers. I had a small wedding so I didn’t require a lot of flowers, but I didn’t want to compromise on quality or variety. My top choice was the Juliet rose which every other site only sold in quantities of 50+. Fabulous Florals was able to send a dozen alongside all of my other choices. The freshness was perfect and the delivery on time.

Pam - married 9/29/2018

Fabulous Experience!

Another fabulous experience with Fabulous Florals for my nephew’s wedding. Everything arrived on time and so fresh!


A great value.

They were great DIY florists. They were professional and responsive. They were very helpful with suggestions and ideas. They flowers arrived on time and looked fresh when they arrived. There were a few Gerber Daisies that broke, but that is somewhat expected when they get packed so tightly. They flowers were still vibrant when we left the beach house, and we left the flowers their for the next guests. Thank you!


Wonderful company to work with! Beautiful quality!

We put the order in and needed to change the delivery date; was as easy as emailing Jose and the date was change. A few flowers needed to be substituted, and I didn’t notice anything that “stuck out”. The delivery ended up being a day later, but flowers perked right up! They looked amazing in our 6 bouquets! Didn’t wilt for a week after! Great quality and easy to work with! Thank you!!

Chelsea - married 6/14/2019


I ordered a lot of flowers for my moms wedding and got last minute buyers remorse the morning the flowers were to be delivered because I had no idea what to expect. I just knew something would be wrong. But when I opened the box, all of the flowers were in perfectly beautiful condition! Packing was awesome and the flowers held up from Thursday when it received them, until the wedding on Saturday. Will definitely use them again if I need flowers.


I can’t recommend them enough for their customer service and flexibility.

I ordered bulk wholesale flowers for my daughters wedding from a local Florist and Fabulous Florals on line. I was nervous about the on line order and thought it best to have local back up. However the local store also has to buy from a wholesaler and had much more limited choice than I was offered at fabulous florals. Unfortunately Fedex had an airplane mechanical and my order did not arrive on the Wednesday. I called Fabulous Florals on the Thursday morning and they were so efficient and helpful in Customer service and had the entire order re-shipped overnight. I believe the local shop’s order was also affected by this late delivery and the Dahlia’s were trashed, the shop offered to replace with Roses. I asked Joe if I could add Dahlia’s to the new overnight order, and they were very accommodating. The shipment of flowers from Fabulous Florals was beautiful and I can’t recommend them enough for their customer service and flexibility. If I had a big event again I wouldn’t hesitate ordering my entire flower order from this company.
I would definitely recommend Fabulousflorals to everyone ! A HUGE Thankyou to Joe, Jose and all the staff.


Beautiful flowers & great communication

My flowers were beautiful! I received a call before they were shipped to inform me of a couple shortages and recommendations of substitutes in which I accepted. I had ordered dahlias (my daughter’s main flower for her bridal bouquet) even though there were many warnings of the high risk of dahlias not shipping well. They were correct-they were all wilted and didn’t come around-but again I went against the odds hoping I’d get lucky. Otherwise the order was just what I had hoped for!

Dianna Nadeau

Huge selection, and easy to use search features.

I work at a small non profit in Oklahoma. We always get flowers for our volunteers and donors when they come to visit. I recently found this site and have placed two orders. It is so much fun to be able to pick and choose the flowers we give and arrange them ourselves. They have a huge selection, and easy to use search features. The quality of both orders has been amazing, and both were greatly appreciated by the recipients.


Very Satisfied Customer

First time for ordering flowers online. We are celebrating homecoming at Oklahoma State University this week, and after spending a fortune last year on a few gladiolus from a florist last year, decided to order a lot of wholesale flowers to fill our Bed and Breakfast with orange flowers for homecoming. I have floral design experience, and love having fresh flowers in each room and especially on our large dining table which is the center of attention when guests walk in to our great room. I was very pleased with how the flowers were packed, there was no shifting, they were not wilted in the least, and looked fantastic. The only negative I have is the roses were small. Maybe I should have read the description better, but I was expecting regular sized roses and these are miniature sized rose on long stems. I have never seen such roses. Usually the miniature roses are bunch roses. I am making them work in the room arrangements. The seeded eucalyptus is really nice also, and the orange gladiolus are perfect, just getting ready to bloom out. Thank you.

Connie S Brashears

Perfect Flowers for Mother’s Day

I ordered my mom pink carnations (her favorite) for Mother’s Day and she loved them. They were delivered in perfect condition and right on time. With the help of the enclosed guide, my mom was able to keep the flowers fresh for weeks. Thank you Fabulous Florals!

Diana Elizabeth Dymond

I would do it again with Fabulous Florals in a heartbeat!

I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone booking an upcoming wedding. I bought a few hundred bulk flowers and flower petals and they were all delivered ontime, gorgeous and lasted for days. is a fantastic option if you have friends and family to help arrange your flowers. I ended up paying about 10% of the cost of traditional wedding flowers for all my centerpieces, bouquets and petals for spreading. Plus, I had my wedding in a very remote area and I was having difficulty finding a florist.


Good customer service

We had a last minute substitution for one of the roses but the entire order still left California in the afternoon and was delivered in Maine around 8:30 the next morning via Fed Ex. Jose was great to work with and promptly replied to questions. Flowers were lovely and stayed fresh through the Friday afternoon wedding. 1st time working with Fabulous Florals was a good experience.

Laurie Thomas

Way to go Fabulous Floral!

This makes the fourth time in the last year that my friends and I have used this site for flowers. Service was wonderful… from our first telephone conversation; to this arrival on this past Wednesday’s order couldn’t have been better. The web site has such a wide variety of flowers to choose from, simple to order instructions, on time shipping via Fed X and amazing packing for freshness. Just follow their hydration instruction and your flowers come to life right in front of your eyes. All of our weddings have been amazingly beautiful.


The flowers were delivered on Time

The flowers were delivered on time, with great communication via email. However, I ordered 10  stems anemone and got 3 flowers that were already wilting. The other part of our order was beautiful, but overall a tad disappointed by the quality.

Katie A Holton

I can’t wait to use them again, big thank you to Joe and Jose!!

I’m a wedding florist and was in need of pampas grass for a large wedding in Maryland. Searching high and low, I found Fabulous Florals online. When other wholesalers couldn’t accommodate my large order of 21 bunches of pampas grass, it was no problem for them! It arrived on time and the product was absolutely fabulous. You could tell they take care of the product, just by the way they packed it. I can’t wait to use them again, big thank you to Joe and Jose!!


These Flowers Truly are Fabulous!

I volunteered to do all the flowers for a friend’s wedding. I have never done wedding flowers on such a large scale before—and I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing!—but Joe and Jose assured me that I would be well taken care of, and I need not worry. The flowers made it to Ohio from California overnight, and looked wonderful! Everything was fresh. A week later, we’re all still enjoying them. I highly recommend Fabulous Florals. You will not be disappointed.

Zo Sellers

I had the most amazing experience using Fabulous Flowers!

I used them for my sons wedding on New Years Eve! The Flowers were absolutely gorgeous! I was a little nervous at first as I’ve never used this company but I had a friend recommend them so I went for it! Jose in customer service made sure I was comfortable and took great care of me! I just placed my second large order from them for another wedding! They are really a superb company! I will always use them!


I wish I had bought all my floral through them.

I had split my order between two companies. One week before the wedding the other company told me they couldn’t get over half the flowers I needed when all along they had been assuring me that what I picked was available. Sure enough they were available because fabulous floral was able to get them and Jose was absolutely Fantastic to work with. I won’t be getting married again, but if I ever have another event or party in the future, I’ll go through fabulous florals again.


I definitely recommend them to DIY brides!

I am a DIY bride and saw Fabulous Florals on I wanted to try them out, of course, before committing to them for my wedding day! I ordered a lot of different flowers in small bunches to see what looked good together and how they hold up. Their customer service was AMAZING! They were very helpful and the website lists flowers by color or season etc, so very convenient! They also let you order just a bunch or two of each flower! Not 100 per kind like other websites! I love this about Fab F. You can buy small quantities at wholesale pricing and the shipping is also very reasonable. A lot of their flowers are grown here, in the USA ( CA) which I also like! They were all fresh and beautiful and it allowed me to see a ton of different varieties so I could pick exactly what I want for my wedding. Everything arrived carefully wrapped and in great shape! Absolutely beautiful! Now I know that I can count on them for my wedding day and I can’t wait to place my big order! I definitely recommend them to DIY brides!


I had a wonderful experience with Fabulous Florals.

My fiance and I planned an elaborate flower ceremony for our wedding. We needed to have a lot of specific flowers which we had matched to certain attributes from 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. We were able to find all the flowers we needed on their site, and at fabulous price which were well below the local florists. Besides, the local florists couldn’t even guarantee that we could get the flowers we were looking for. They said it all depended on “what would be shipped to them.” The wonderful customer support at Fabulous Florals were able to answer all of my questions from delivery process, to how to handle the flowers, to specifics on different flower varieties. Each question was answered in less than 24 hours, and in many cases within hours of my email.

When the flowers arrived, they were packed superbly. Not a single delicate flower was harmed, not even the lilacs. We unpacked them immediately, as instructed, and placed them in a cool place. Those flowers not only looked beautiful for the wedding, but were still beautiful a week later, even after being transported to and from the church.

We would recommend Fabulous Florals to any who needs a bulk florist.


Loved everything about this vendor.

Excellent service and gorgeous flowers in peak condition.


I will use this company again

I ordered flowers for my daughter’s wedding and these came in and were absolutely gorgeous. I left them out to open for a day before making the arrangements. They opened so nicely and they matched the colors of the other bouquets done by a florist. I will use this company again as every flower was in perfect shape.


I have found Fabulous Florals to be a trusted and dedicated flower vendor on who I can rely

As a retired florist who does the occasional wedding or event for family and/or friends, I have found Fabulous Florals to be a trusted and dedicated flower vendor on who I can rely. Having ordered from them several times, I am always delighted with the amount of care and attention taken from processing your order and making sure that you are helped if there is a problem, to insuring that your flowers are packed and shipped properly. While a florist, I dealt with several local wholesale suppliers who were not as supportive and were limited a lot of the time in their selection of flowers from which to choose. Fabulous Florals makes sourcing easy by giving you the ability to select from a large assortment of flowers, and their website makes ordering easy with several ways to view items by different categories. For me, A to Z category is best since I already know what flowers I am looking for by name, however, you can choose flowers by color, fragrance, occasion and season, too. I have tried some competitors in the past, but found them to be limited in selection. And just knowing that Fabulous Florals is an in-house operation makes the difference. Most people do not realize the effort that goes into cutting a flower and expecting it to last and perform beautifully after being packed in a box and shipped across country. Packing large orders correctly and proficiently for travel are a challenge when dealing with live material. These people get it. Perfect for all you DIY occasions and needs. I only wish I knew about them when I was in business. Thanks, Fabulous Florals, Joe and Jose!

Betty Ann

Will order again!

Was really searching for a particular flower and found it by chance on their website. Couldn’t believe they were available. Talked by phone to really helpful person, and ordered. Had a couple of questions and promptly received answers and guidance. Flowers arrived beautifully packed and great material.


Wonderful Company!

I cannot say enough good things about Fabulous Florals! Customer service is amazing and I had a personal call about a substitution that turned out to be better than what I had ordered. Flowers are packed beautifully and arrived as fresh as the day they were harvested.


Very accommodating customer service.

I used Fabulous Florals as apposed to another competitor because I could choose smaller bunches of flowers and more varieties of flowers. I bought the flowers for my sisters shower, so I didn’t need a huge bulk order (although I did over order – better than under ordering!). The event was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and as suggested, I requested delivery for the Wednesday prior to the event, the day before Thanksgiving. Because of a large storm in the middle of the country, the package did get delayed – which would have been fine, but no deliveries happen on Thanksgiving. Fabulous Florals notified me of the change and I hoped for the best. They arrived early Friday morning, and they did an amazing job at packaging! Although the ice packs provided at that point were now lukewarm – only one bunch of roses showed damage. I sent a photo to customer service explaining what happened and they responded very quickly, apologizing for the unforeseen event. Not only did they refund the bunch of damaged roses, but the also did the shipping! I will certainly continue to use them for all events.


If you'd like to leave a testimonial describing your experience with Fabulous Florals, click here.

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