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 $22.50 /10 stems

Tall stems with blue flowers Great flower to use in a tall  vase arrangement.We suggest you put several bunches together.

Grown in California
 Aster, Matsumoto-assorted colors 
 $25.00 /15 stems

You will receive 15 stems of Matsumoto Asters in three different colors in this assortment..

Grown in California
 Black Berries-thornless 
 $22.50 /10 stem bunch

Purple/ black  green berries change color  .

Grown in the USA
 $44.50 /10 stems

Clematis is easy to use in center piece arrangements or just on it's own in a small glass vase.This item needs to be ordered 1 week in advance most of the time.

Grown in the USA
 Cornflower-blue ( Bachelor Button) 
 $16.50 /Grower bunch

Bachelor button is the common name Centaurea is the Botanical name.In folklore, cornflowers were worn by young men in love; if the flower faded too quickly, it was taken as a sign that the man's love was not returned.

Grown in California
 Crocosmia Pods 
 $17.50 /10 stems

Brown seed pods which develop after the crocsmia is out of bloom..

Grown in the USA
 Daffodils> Narcissus-double cream Early Cheer 
 $29.00 /25 stem bunch!

Beautiful double cream with some yellow narcissus very nice fragrance.One or several bunches make a nice gift any time in winter.

Grown in California
 Dahlias, Cafe Au Lait 
 $22.50 /5 stem bunch

Awesome quality! Locally grown! Color can vary depending on the amount of sunlight.The Café Au Lait Dahlias range in size during the season depending on weather and growing area.

Grown in California
 Dusty Miller  ( Lacey leaf type) 
 $12.50 /Grower bunch

Silver Green foliage.Gives a great accent to a vase arrangement.

Grown in California
 Fabulous Spring Bouquet( shipping included) 
 $85.00 /bouquet

Our large Spring  bouquet is made to order and shipped the next day.Hand tied the European way.

Grown in California
 Gloriosa Lily (Gloriosa Rothchildiana) 
 $24.50 /5 stems

Red with Yellow Rothchild Lily is the common name.Delicate short stems are about 6 inches and come 5 blooms per pack.

 Hydrangea, fresh-Antique  colors 
 $99.00 /15 stems

You will receive 3 bunches 15 stems total.Hydrangea  assortment.

Grown in the USA
 Hydrangea, fresh-hot pink 
 $39.00 /5 stems

Please note the shade of pink can vary slightly as the season comes along.Bloom size is roughly 4 to 6 inches accross.

 Hydrangea-light blue-10 stems 
 $29.00 /10 stems

A great value  10 stems of Hydrangea's imported.Blooms size about 4 inches Makes an instant beautiful vase arrangemen.

 Lilac, Dutch-lavender 
 $39.50 /10 stems

Greenhouse grown in Holland.These do not have much foliage on the stem and the stems are uniform and straight.

 Lilac, Dutch-white 
 $39.50 /10 stems

Mutilple blooms per stem.Sometimes it has a nice fragrance.

 Lily Oriental 3/5 bloom-Acapulco 
 $39.00 /10 stems

Beautiful long lasting large light pink flower with a nice fragrance..

Grown in California
 Montbretia Pods 
 $14.50 /10 stems

Green/ Brown available during the fall..

Grown in the USA
 $55.00 /5 stem bunch

Coral Charm peonies  are 5 stems per bunch, Great to use in a vase arrangement or to make up any style bouquet.The color may vary a little from the picture depending on the time of the season and origin.

 $55.00 /5 stems

Peonies are a very popular flower and not available year round locally.The after season we ask that you order at least 10 days in advance.

 Poppy Pods-green 
 $19.50 /10 stems

Poppy pods are grown in California.Stems are about 60-70 cm tall.

Grown in the USA
 Pussy Willow whips-tips 
 $12.50 /Grower bunch

Growers bunch is about 10 stems or more these are 2-3 feet tall.

Grown in the USA
 Quince, flowering branch 
 $22.50 /Grower bunch

Branches with Light Pink and white blossoms.Up to 5 stems in a growers bunch depending on the size of their stems.

Grown in the USA
 Ranunculus, Victoria-assorted colors 
 $69.50 $59.00/30 stems

You will receive 30 stems of Victoria Ranunculus in three different colors in this assortment of growers choice.These are the taller local grown Ranunculus with larger flowerhead than the Tecate varieties.

Grown in California
 Star of Bethlehem, Dubium-orange 
 $19.50 /10 stems

Ornithogalum is a long lasting cut flower.Can last up to 3 weeks in vase.

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