$18.50/Grower bunch

Wax flower is a strong long lasting filler with many little flower on a stem. Great to use with roses or lilies in vase.  It is grown in California and  Austraulia available in many different colors. Fuchsia Lavender is at least 50 cm tall and a grower bunch has more than 10 stems

Grown in California
Variety Information:

Our fresh flowers and lush foliages are the highest grade available from top growers and farms in California and around the world. We have your flowers cut to order, carefully packed and sent from our own facility insuring quality control throughout the whole process.

Care & Handling:

Flower care is the key to keeping your arrangements vibrant. Please follow these simple guidelines: check water levels daily, re-cut stems every few days, change the water while adding fresh flower food, and display your flowers in a cool spot. For more information, please view the Flower Care & Handling and Product Details pages.

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